26\01 El Aire Comprimido aplicado al Mundo de las Dos Ruedas

El aire comprimido llega al mundo del motociclismo. Imagino que cualquier amante de las dos ruedas y defensor de la sostenibilidad medio ambiental, es...

04\09 La Calidad del Aire Comprimido en los Alimentos y Bebidas

El aire comprimido es una fuente de energía vital y se utiliza en multiples operaciones en empresas de preparación y envasado de alimentos y bebidas...

01\09 El Aire Comprimido es una nueva opción entre las energías renovables

El aire comprimido forma parte de un ambicioso proyecto que puede tener lugar en California y que consiste en almacenar aire comprimido en cavidades n...

30\08 ¿Sabías que el Aire Comprimido es 10 veces más caro que la electricidad?

El Aire Comprimido erroneamente puede parecer una fuente de energía barata o incluso gratuita. Sin embargo puede ser hasta diez veces más cara que l...

28\08 Bienvenidos a Compresores-Aire-Comprimido.com

En nuestro avance hacia la mejora continua, en SOGORBMAC, nos incorporamos a internet con la inauguración de nuestra página web dedicada a nuestros ...

Estamos en:

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03600 Elda (Alicante) Spain

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E-mail: info@sogorbmac.com

Compressed Air Compresors by Sogorbmac

SOGORBMAC,S.L. distributes the mark of compressed air compressors Hertz, which, at present one of the top world-wide leaders in the manufacture of compressors, Compressed air dryers and machines and number ones  in the American market next to Ingersoll-Rand and in front of marks like Atlas or Worthington.

Within their ample range of Compressed air machinery, Airmac and Hertz Kompressoren makes air compressors compressed of screw type from 4 to 500 KW, besides compressed air compressors of variable speed with a great power saving in power ranges from 10 to 250 KW.  


Air compressors Compressed with great Advantage Energetics:


The Efficiency Energetics more and more is considered because of these types of compressed air compressors offer great Advantages Energetics when obtaining until the 35-40% of power saving when managing power consumption according to the real needs of the compressed air installation.

Also, we have an ample range of Compressed air products in stock from all type of pneumatic air compressors, screw, piston, trowels, etc. to all the necessary components to its installation and treatment of the compressed air:

The field of the applications and compressed air solutions are every day more extensive within the industrial processes where are developed.



BOTTARINI Continuing with the innovation of its products using the last technologies applied to the manufacture of machines and air compressors Compressed like the Flow-Dynamic simulation, the analysis of finished products and the thermography. 
The application of this instruments in the scope of the compressed air, allows to project and to construct solutions us intelligent, able to respond to the exigencies of the market.

Compressed Air Accessories and Spare Parts

In SOGORBMAC, the design and suitable maintenance of compressed air networks and its respective accessories, play a decisive role in the involved productive processes whose used energy is the air under pressure.

In SOGORBMAC we are convinced that the quality is not an objective to reach but a continuous work, that it requires to be always alert to the evolution of the market. For that reason we focused our effort in a mix composed of 3 strategic variables: Quality of our products, customized Attention to our clients, Knowledge and preparation of our human equipment.

Compressed Air Design and Installation

When designing a compressed air installation all the applications are investigated where it will be used and their location in the plant. For example, the air compressed has to have a moisture content so under that their dew point is always superior to the smaller temperature in any place of the network with the purpose of to avoid the condensation presence.
We must consider the air pressure that we wished in the network to adapt the compressor and the volume of the compressed air necessary. In addition, it will be an essential work of the design of a compressed air network guaranteeing that the losses are in the permissible limits. The incorrect use of elbows, t \ \'s, ceramic separators, filters or dryers of absorption supposes great losses of pressure in all compressed air installation.

Determining that the purges in the compressed air installation are adapted and are in the correct places, realising meetings of appropriate air pipes or providing with the adapted supports to prevent movement and flexion with the lines of air distribution under pressure are workings to realise by a professional and expert equipment as it offers SOGORBMAC.


Compressed Air Accessory Maintenance

To have compressed air of good quality is important to assure one long life utility the pneumatic equipment and optimal results in the processes that require this service.

Centrifugal accessories like Air-air After Coolers and Air-Water, Separators, Valves of automatic drainage, Particle Filters, Dryers or Storage caves, that the regulation of the pressure and the compressed air volume or the lubrication of the equipment are used for, require of a maintenance frequents since the desiccant materials are deteriorated, by diverse causes such as the contamination of the oil, the chemical corrosion, the erosion before the air passage under pressure.

Errors as to lift the work pressure to replace the lack of air of provision but to a cost in environmental KW and very high means or to think that the insufficiency of air volume can be compensated of a compressor increasing the capacity of air reserve by means of tanks they are common errors mainly which had to that the accessories and appropriate tools are not used to detect the falls of pressure of the compressed ai